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The Island Wants You Back, John

Q. How were my Sunday nights complete without watching LOST?

A. They weren’t.

So it’s all a bit rich me talking about LOST since I only really started watching it a year ago, but I’m liking where most of this season is going, and this episode has done quite a bit with furthering the story while still being a massive tease. Locke’s story isn’t necessarily the most interesting since we already know what’s happened…and then there’s that twist involving the red cable that just…well, you could see it coming as soon as Ben walked in the door.

It’s weird, cos just as you start to forget how much of an evil bastard Ben is, his eyes bulge out of his head and he’s awesomely evil once more. I have to say, I really liked the start of the episode. Locke’s already alive, back on the island and everyone else has found the DHARMA station and the Hydra booklet…well, way to skip three seasons worth of stuff with the newbies. I likes that.

Just wish I didn’t have to wait a week ’til the next episode. Pants.

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