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Something Inside Me Just Died

So X-Men 3 just…well, completely ruined the franchise for me, as well as shitting all over, I repeat ALL OVER one of my favourite characters, and plots (ie. the Dark Phoenix Saga.)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine looks like it’ll be doing something similar, anyway. I’m not the hugest Wolverine fan, but the character’s alright…I still prefer Steve Blum’s take on him than Hugh Jackman (for the uninitiated, Blum voices Wolverine in all the animated/video game appearances of the character since X-Men: Evolution…he’s perfect.)

So let’s see, where have they gone wrong with this?

  • Well, for starters, if you believe the news floating around the interwebs, the scary-looking mutant dude is Weapon XI, in the body of Wade Wilson. Meh, I don’t care much for Deadpool, but way to SHIT ALL OVER CHARACTERS (again.)
  • Emma Frost…she’s organic diamond, not some “chick” with “sparkle” powers. There is no way in hell that that…girl is in any way connected to Emma Frost. No.
  • Gambit. Who cares? I know I don’t. Then again, I suppose they’ve had Jubilee and Nightcrawler in the films, the only characters to SUCK MORE ASS THAN A CAJUN THIEF.

Meh, rant is coming to a close now, so I’ll just leave you with the trailer. Part of me wants to see this for reviewing purposes, just so I can absolutely SLATE it. Cos I so will.

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