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I Can’t Do This All On My Own

untitledOnce upon a time, “Scrubs” was one of the funniest new shows on TV. Yes, even so funny that, for a short time, it threatened to knock the almighty juggernaut that was “Friends” from its top-spot. But at some point in the last eight years, “Scrubs” lost its way, and really ended up meandering about in circles and repetitive storylines (and, if we’re honest, characters who rarely ever progressed.)

Along with the series’ move to ABC, however, the show got a whole new lease of life, and things actually started happening with the characters, all with an end in sight. While “My Finale” might not be the series’ last ever episode (rumours abound that it will continue in some form, albeit without many of the creators and original cast), it certainly packed enough of a punch to bring eight years to a close and make sure that the series went out on a high note.

Season eight of “Scrubs” really came into its own for one simple fact: it was no longer solely the J.D.-show. Sure, we’d had our episodes throughout the entire series that had tried to shift the focus off of Zach Braff’s character, but here, we had whole episodes without him. Shocking, I know, but most of the cast are actually highly capable actors. Crazy talk!

But this is the season where everything changes: after a few episodes with the new chief of medicine (guest star Courtney Cox), the other Dr. Cox gets promoted, leading to all manner of confrontations through the season, as J.D. now begins to clash with Cox in much the same way as Cox clashed with Kelso. The will-they-won’t-they back-and-forth between J.D. and Elliot finally gets resolved, the Janitor gets some storylines that extend beyond ridiculous parody, and Turk and Carla finally appear to be a family, without the ever-present uncomfortable third-wheel.

Add in a couple of interns to round out the cast (and provide some of the zany humour “Scrubs” is known for) and you’ve got a pretty successful season. The humour was always a weird one in “Scrubs,” but the extra characters manage to actually tone down the quirkiness, diluting it so that it doesn’t take over the entire show, as it was prone to do so much in the past. Instead, we had some character-driven episodes that were surprisingly effective, and when the bittersweet moments came (as they always do in “Scrubs”), they were neither rammed down our throats nor forced in where they didn’t belong.

So after a pretty successful season, “My Finale” wrapped up “Scrubs” in much the same way as it always should have done, with all the characters moving on and, effectively, growing up. There were no huge revelations, just a lot of goodbyes, and even these were treated with the reverence they deserved, but not milked for all they were worth. J.D.’s final walk through the hospital corridors is a touching acknowledgement of where the series has been and how it has grown over its eight years on the air.

As it began, so too does “Scrubs” end as the J.D.-show, and the only thing that feels missing in this last episode is a chance to say as lengthy and fond a goodbye to all the other characters (who may or may not come back…who knows if “Scrubs” will continue under a different name or a new form without J.D.?) But if “Scrubs” is (and has been) the J.D.-show, then the J.D.-years have come to close very fittingly.

Maybe, though…just maybe, if and when it ever does come back, we can do without all the craziness and just have a nice TV show like we had during season eight…is that so hard?

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