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Who Wants To Go To Mars


For those of you wondering just how Russell T. Davies’ run in charge of Doctor Who will end, the penultimate special, The Waters Of Mars will be airing later this year. The first trailer didn’t really have me sold on watching it: after what could be considered an ongoing series of climaxes while the series aired regularly, the specials haven’t offered much in the way of interest, coming across with the same standard as the series’ standalone episodes rather than those that fit in with each season’s mythology.

That said, at least The Waters Of Mars looks like it might have a bit more meat to it, with the Doctor philosophising about not interfering with time at certain points (guaranteed death, methinks) and a promise of how David Tennant might leave the role. There’s a similar feel to this episode as with The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit, against which I have judged all Doctor Who episodes since and, to be honest, few of them have ever lived up to my expectations.

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