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Blue Friday


There comes a time when you just have to resort to clichés, so here goes: forget everything you thought you knew about James Cameron’s Avatar. Why? Because the game just changed. Significantly.

For a film that’s been fourteen years in the making, surprisingly little is known about Avatar. Cameron himself has been quick to talk about the film’s plot during its production, speaking at length at this year’s E3 gaming conference and showing some footage off at San Diego Comic-Con. Despite this, two production stills and a teaser poster are all that most of us have seen of the film, a 3D epic (and IMAX, where available…who else misses the IMAX on Parnell St?) involving marines and the blue-cat-like, alien Na’vi, set on the inhospitable planet Pandora.

Check out my full preview, and the trailer, over at Venntertainment

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