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It can’t really be said that we have a goal here at BurnAllZombies: we really haven’t thought that much about it. But if we did, it would go along the lines of providing you with the latest news, reviews and other things that rhyme, all to do with the geek culture. It sounds like a tall order, but basically, we consider ourselves geeks here, so it’s really just an excuse to write about whatever we fancy, whether that’s music, movies, games, comics or anything else.

We’re based in Dublin, Ireland so release dates and timing might be a little bit off when you’re reading the site, if just because something might not be released where you are yet (or might even have been out a while ago.) We try to keep as up to date as possible, but it’s the leprechauns, you see: they just can’t deliver things to us as quickly as the full-sized post-men around the rest of the world.

Things are going to look pretty different as the site grows and develops, but the feel is going to remain the same. In case you’re wondering, the above link is thanks to our buddies over at Only Born Design, and you can drop Melissa an e-mail here.

If you’ve any questions about BurnAllZombies, you should probably direct them to editor and senior writer Ken or you can also drop an e-mail to contributor Dan if you’ve any questions or comments about his content.

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