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(Ms) Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

August 13, 2009 Leave a comment

MsMarvel_35Although unconfirmed by news networks, we’re pretty sure that this may very well be the biggest and best story to hit the internet today. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 will be being played continuously once it comes out (still up for debate which console it will be bought for though) and after confirming some weeks ago that Jean Grey is playable we now also have confirmation that Ms. Marvel will be included in the roster of playable characters for the game.

It remains unclear whether this will be the Carol Danvers iteration of the character or Karla Sofen/Moonstone (who currently holds the title, working with Norman Osborn under the Dark Reign) although it’s likely (as with the first game) that both costumes will be unlockable.

Now that we Jean and Ms. Marvel are set on the team, we just need to pick two more characters and we have the BurnAllZombies line-up.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is released cross-platform in September 2009.


Child Of Light, Darkness and Video Games

July 23, 2009 3 comments

The SDCC news just keeps on coming, and this time, it’s a big one. For me, anyway.

You may have guessed by now that I’m a fan of all things X-Men, across all genres (well, maybe not movies anymore, to be honest.) The fandom extends to video games as well, and X-Men: Legends and its sequel have gone through more plays than any other game on any other console. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance may not have gotten the same amount of play, but as the spriritual successor to X-Men: Legends it’s only just a matter of time.

We’re still waiting for the full line-up of playable characters to be announced for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 but one of the earliest videos from SDCC has me sufficiently excited about the game’s release to pre-order (maybe even on more than one platform…or would that be too much?) Jean Grey, perhaps my favourite X-Men character, is playable, a sure-fire way to mean that this disc won’t be leaving my console for a good few months.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is due for release September 15, 2009.