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Comic Catch-Up: New Releases, 03.12.09

December 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Amongst the other bad guys that the Comic Catch-Up came up against this week, we had to deal with aliens, Doombots and a lot of decapitation. With no DC stuff this week (don’t worry, we’ll be looking more in-depth at Blackest Night eventually), we take a look at some annuals coming at the end of the year, with Dark Avengers Annual #1 and X-Force Annual #1 as well as Siege: The Cabal, Strange #2 and Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #5.

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Comic Catch-Up: New Releases, 25.11.09

November 29, 2009 1 comment

BurnAllZombies’ Comic Catch-Up fittingly returns from the grave with some nostalgic heroics, a comatose man who is no longer ‘iron’ and one of Marvel’s lesser-known heroes taking down an airship with his hand. It’s the first look at some of DC Comics’ titles, including Detective Comics #859 and Superman: Secret Origin #3 while Marvel’s entries this week are Amazing Spider-Man #613, Fantastic Four #573, Invincible Iron Man #20, New Avengers #59, Secret Warriors #10 and Uncanny X-Men #517, though we’re not forgetting about Ultimate Comics Avengers #4.

Comic Catch-Up: New Releases, 10.09.09

September 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Dark Reign - The List - Avengers #1 (2009) - Page 11Even with the best intentions, the second week of the Comic Catch-Up escaped me, so here’s a quick catch-up for the week of September 10th, a week of Marvel comics that saw Norman Osborn taken down a few pegs with regard to the mutant situation in the culmination of Matt Fraction’s Utopia arc, ushering in a new status quo for mutant-kind, and beginning the important The List banner of books which may or may not lead to the end of the Osborn’s Dark Reign.

This entry of the Comic Catch-Up takes a look at Dark Avengers: Uncanny X-Men – Exodus one-shot, Dark Reign: The List – Avengers one-shot, Thunderbolts #135, War of Kings: Who Will Rule? one-shot and Ultimate Comics: Avengers #2.

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When You Wish Upon A Comic

August 31, 2009 3 comments

marvelThe stock market isn’t usually a topic we’ll cover here on BurnAllZombies, but this latest news is something we just couldn’t ignore, the news that Disney have acquired Marvel Entertainment in a stock and cash transaction worth approximately $4billion. That’s…a lot more money than I can count.

Robert A. Iger, President and CEO of The Walt Disney Company had the following to say:

This transaction combines Marvel’s strong global brand and world-renowned library of characters including Iron Man, Spider-Man, X-Men, Captain America, Fantastic Four and Thor with Disney’s creative skills, unparalleled global portfolio of entertainment properties, and a business structure that maximizes the value of creative properties across multiple platforms and territories.

Interestingly enough is Iger’s mention of “entertainment properties,” highlighting Marvel’s value as more than just a comic book company, but also with big-screen potential (and much more) as well.

It’s an interesting development, and there’s some more information that I’d like to know before deciding on whether it’s a good deal or not. On the upside, this gives Marvel much more money to work with, potentially giving them the buying power they need to buy back film rights for the Spider-Man franchise from Sony, or mutants and the X-Men from Fox. But there’s also a point where we have to wonder just how much influence Disney will have over Marvel’s publishing division, and we can only hope that the company’s comics remain free to publish as they have been for years. But given the recent merger between Disney and Pixar, with both companies remaining free to operate individually, we can hope that there won’t be any adverse effects.

The full press release will be due later today, but until then, you can check out just what Marvel have to say about it themselves.

Child Of Light, Darkness and Video Games

July 23, 2009 3 comments

The SDCC news just keeps on coming, and this time, it’s a big one. For me, anyway.

You may have guessed by now that I’m a fan of all things X-Men, across all genres (well, maybe not movies anymore, to be honest.) The fandom extends to video games as well, and X-Men: Legends and its sequel have gone through more plays than any other game on any other console. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance may not have gotten the same amount of play, but as the spriritual successor to X-Men: Legends it’s only just a matter of time.

We’re still waiting for the full line-up of playable characters to be announced for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 but one of the earliest videos from SDCC has me sufficiently excited about the game’s release to pre-order (maybe even on more than one platform…or would that be too much?) Jean Grey, perhaps my favourite X-Men character, is playable, a sure-fire way to mean that this disc won’t be leaving my console for a good few months.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is due for release September 15, 2009.

(Not Quite) PIGS IN SPACE!!!

wok03-016No, the irony of using a title for this post the same week as “Star Trek” opens in the cinema isn’t lost on me, although the “Star Trek” reference might be a bit of a stretch. (Though I do love me some Muppets-style-Star-Trek references.)

Anyway, the picture to the side, complete with its stupid (stupidly AWESOME) “Scarface” reference is taken from Marvel’s “War of Kings” issue 3, out this week. Despite my complete and utter love for Marvel comics, I’ve never really gotten into their space-based stuff until recently: “Annihilation” and “Annihilation: Conquest” passed me by with little acknowledgement on my part, and I’m kind of regretting it now.

I started reading “War of Kings” thanks to X-Men: no surprise there, but some of the stuff happening in this is spinning out of Brubaker’s solo run on “Uncanny X-Men” and his “Deadly Genesis” mini-series, with the discovery of the third Summers’ brother, the man now known as Emperor Vulcan of the Shi’ar Empire. As Vulcan’s megalomania has increased, he’s set his sights on taking over the galaxy, and more importantly, hunting down the former Majestrix of the Shi’ar, Lilandra Neramani (who’s aligned herself with Vulcan’s brother Alex Summers and the rest of the Starjammers.)

Okay, so all this sounds really complicated and stupid, but…it’s really not! There’s a hell of a lot going on here that ties into some of my favourite comics and characters (remember, Carol Danvers even went on adventures with the Starjammers for a while) in the Marvel Universe, along with some well-written-and-crafted political-style shenanigans, intrigue and SPACE BATTLES. There’s some pretty big spoilers ‘neath the cut.

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