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Comic Catch-Up: New Releases, 16.09.09

September 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Dark Avengers #9 - Page 9The after-effects of the Utopia crossover continue to be felt in the Marvel Universe, both from the mutant side of things and as other characters have started to look at their own actions during the Dark Reign, along with some long-seated revelations in the X-books. This entry of the Comic Catch-up takes a look at Dark Avengers #9, X-Factor #48 and X-Men: Legacy – Annual #1.

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When Broken Is Easily Fixed

X-Men Legacy #224 - Page 1 It’s been a long time coming, but Mike Carey’s uber-arc of “X-Men: Legacy” is coming to a close, with some massive changes for Professor Charles Xavier and Rogue. 

Since Carey started writing “X-Men” with issue #188 (becoming “X-Men: Legacy” with issue #208 in the wake of the Messiah CompleX crossover) there has been an inevitable lead-up to something involving Rogue and her powers, from downloading multiple personalities to having them wiped by the child mutant “Messiah” and then using her powers against Mystique. For the last few issues, Mystique’s personality has been sharing Rogue’s body, influencing her and helping her out with the occasional fight, even though all Rogue has wanted was some peace and quiet.

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