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(Ms) Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

August 13, 2009 Leave a comment

MsMarvel_35Although unconfirmed by news networks, we’re pretty sure that this may very well be the biggest and best story to hit the internet today. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 will be being played continuously once it comes out (still up for debate which console it will be bought for though) and after confirming some weeks ago that Jean Grey is playable we now also have confirmation that Ms. Marvel will be included in the roster of playable characters for the game.

It remains unclear whether this will be the Carol Danvers iteration of the character or Karla Sofen/Moonstone (who currently holds the title, working with Norman Osborn under the Dark Reign) although it’s likely (as with the first game) that both costumes will be unlockable.

Now that we Jean and Ms. Marvel are set on the team, we just need to pick two more characters and we have the BurnAllZombies line-up.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is released cross-platform in September 2009.


RIP Carol Danvers

March 30, 2009 Leave a comment

ms-marvel-37-0182And that was it: in a couple of flashes of blinding light, Carol Danvers goes bye-byes (in the recent issue of Ms. Marvel, #37 for those who care.)

I’ll put my hands up and say that one of the main reasons for liking Ms. Marvel was always her connection to the X-Men: I never knew who she was ’til watching the 90s animated series and the episode that explained Rogue’s powers. I also had a few Ms. Marvel cards back when I collected the trading card deck (I think that was ’92…I would’ve been 7, I’m allowed not know who she is at age 7.)

Anyway, Carol Danvers has always been one of my favourite non-mutant characters in comics. She was pretty powerful, had the ties to other characters…it just made sense for her to be so awesome. So her getting her own series after “House of M” was a highpoint of that series, and I’ve really liked what Brian Reed’s done with her. She’s a soldier, always has been, and I really liked how he managed to combine that with her attempts to be a superhero, to be human, to have a life. And now, if the name of the arc and the art below has proven ms-marvel-382correct…well, she’s gone, after a somewhat harrowing…well, I’m going to call it ‘illness’ 😦

But with the way things are going with the Marvel Universe, with Dark Reign in full swing, Karla Sofen has taken over the mantle of Ms. Marvel, it makes me wonder if things will stay the same, or all will be changed, changed utterly (a terrible beauty is born, and all that jazz.)

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