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May 15, 2009 3 comments


Season five of “Lost” came to a close with a feature-length, two-part spectacular, “The Incident.” Quite a lot happened in the ninety minutes of screen time, but as always with “Lost,” there was much more of a tease of what’s yet to come. Read more…


You Lead, I’ll Follow

May 8, 2009 6 comments

lost-season-5-promoSo…what do I say about “Lost” that hasn’t been said before? 

Well, let me start with saying that I take back everything I ever said about it: I know I mentioned “Lost” before on this blog, but I should acknowledge the fact that I’ve only been feeling the “Lost-love for a little over a year now, and only really started watching it properly at the beginning of season four. All that said, thanks to the osmosis of the internet, I still know what was going on. I know everything, see?

So, “Follow The Leader,” also known as “the penultimate episode of season five” (when they’re showing the next two epiosdes together back-to-back, they’re not allowed to consider them two separate episodes.) Everything goes behind the cut to save you from the smoke monster spoilers.

Read more…

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