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Burnt Zombie Awards 2009

December 31, 2009 3 comments

It’s been a hectic last few weeks here at BurnAllZombies: those of you who know us will know why it’s been a bit quiet on the updates, but with 2010 just around the corner, updates will be coming at you so fast, you won’t know what’s hit you.

New Year’s Eve is as good a time as any to look back over some of the best of what 2009 had to over. On that note, we bring you the inaugural Burnt Zombie Awards, a run-down of the finest movies, games, music, TV and comics had to offer this year. Of course, if you disagree, we can discuss below. It’s not as if we’ll send the zombies around if we don’t agree with you…

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Flashback Feature: X-Men (1992-1997) [Part 2]

June 9, 2009 2 comments

X_MEN_Animated_Vol_1_Box_Art_by_david_nakayamaIn the first part of our Flashback Feature on the “X-Men” animated series of the early 90s, we looked at the series’ origins, along with the mutants that made up the core team of X-Men.

Now, in part two, we take a look at some of the villains and other characters featured throughout the series, along with the storylines adapted over its five season run, and how they fit into the bigger picture of the X-Men universe.

One of the highpoints of the X-Men animated series was its willingness to include characters from across the Marvel Universe: some were simple cameos, others had episodes dedicated to them and their origins, and others still were new characters, introduced, created and adapted solely for the series. Read more…

Flashback Feature: X-Men (1992-1997) [Part 1]

June 7, 2009 5 comments

6a00cdf3ad9a63cb8f011015ffcec5860b-500piAnyone who watched cartoons in the early 90s should have fond memories of Fox’s “X-Men” cartoon which ran for five seasons between 1992 and 1997. Of course, it was a bit later than that by the time it hit shores outside of the US, and lasted longer than that in re-runs, especially when the success of the movies brought the animated series back onto TV.

This Flashback Feature is dedicated to a look at the 90s TV series, and most importantly, its ties to its comic book origins. But before we start looking at the show and its characters, why not remind yourself of the very first reason why the show was so beloved to begin with…?

The “X-Men” animated series has very close ties to the storylines of the comics at the time, right down to the cast of characters. Part of the reason it has proven so successful with the X-Men fanbase has been because of how faithful it remains to its subject matter, even adapting whole storylines for plot points, both large over-arching plots and individual stories. Over five seasons and 76 episodes, Fox’s series provided many people with their first introduction to the world of the mutants, in many ways paving the way for the movies to take over the box office (not to mention two further animated series that have followed in its footsteps.) But to appreciate everything that “X-Men” was, it helps to know what went before. Read more…

Flashback Feature: Masters Of The Universe (1987)

May 19, 2009 5 comments

Nostalgia, retro, a refusal (and perhaps inability) to grow up: call it what you will, but we all have fond memories of movies, TV shows and games from our youth. If you’re honest, you probably find yourself watching/playing them occasionally, or at the very least, wishing you could.

To that end, welcome to a new (and hopefully recurring) feature on BurnAllZombies: the Flashback Feature is a look back at some of the games, movies and shows that hold a special place in my heart, jogging some memories, getting those subtexts you never quite got as a kid, and wondering what’s happened to the stars and the franchises since.

Suggestions for future Flashback Features are welcome, but for this, the inaugural entry, let’s take a look at Dolph Lundgren and 2009 Academy Award Nominee Frank Langella in 1987’s “Masters Of The Universe.”


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I Can’t Do This All On My Own

untitledOnce upon a time, “Scrubs” was one of the funniest new shows on TV. Yes, even so funny that, for a short time, it threatened to knock the almighty juggernaut that was “Friends” from its top-spot. But at some point in the last eight years, “Scrubs” lost its way, and really ended up meandering about in circles and repetitive storylines (and, if we’re honest, characters who rarely ever progressed.)

Along with the series’ move to ABC, however, the show got a whole new lease of life, and things actually started happening with the characters, all with an end in sight. While “My Finale” might not be the series’ last ever episode (rumours abound that it will continue in some form, albeit without many of the creators and original cast), it certainly packed enough of a punch to bring eight years to a close and make sure that the series went out on a high note.

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You Lead, I’ll Follow

May 8, 2009 6 comments

lost-season-5-promoSo…what do I say about “Lost” that hasn’t been said before? 

Well, let me start with saying that I take back everything I ever said about it: I know I mentioned “Lost” before on this blog, but I should acknowledge the fact that I’ve only been feeling the “Lost-love for a little over a year now, and only really started watching it properly at the beginning of season four. All that said, thanks to the osmosis of the internet, I still know what was going on. I know everything, see?

So, “Follow The Leader,” also known as “the penultimate episode of season five” (when they’re showing the next two epiosdes together back-to-back, they’re not allowed to consider them two separate episodes.) Everything goes behind the cut to save you from the smoke monster spoilers.

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A Doctor With An Easter Egg

April 11, 2009 Leave a comment

doctor_who_planet_of_the_dead1 In the spirit of Easter, we just got treated to the “Doctor Who” special (one of David Tennant’s group of specials before he steps down for the role.) This one, “Planet Of The Dead,” co-starring…well, we’ll use the term ‘starring’ loosely, but we’ve also got Britain’s favourite sweaty comedian Lee Evans trying to act and Michelle Ryan trying to be Indiana  Jones/Bionic Woman…hasn’t she already failed in that role?

The last special, “The Next Doctor” left me with a bit of a bad taste: in wasn’t terrible, but it was nowhere what I expected it to be from a ‘special’. It was a Christmas episode, same as the other Christmas episodes, and it lacked the epic feel that the seasons had.

“Planet Of The Dead” has much the same thing going on: the Doctor, Michelle Ryan and others get stuck on a London bus (the number 200, for those wondering) and gets sucked through a wormhole. So far, so typically “Doctor Who.” But turns out the planet’s being devoured by squid-monsters that eat metal (omnomnom) who might just end up finding their way back through the wormhole to start consuming Earth.

Dodgy effects and acting aside, it was typically “Doctor Who” nonsense. Nonsense being the operative word.  Latent psychic powers amplified by an alien sun, royalty who like to steal stuff and some interfering government bodies: it reeked of all the stuff the Russel T. Davies likes to throw into his episodes, including some forced pathos and moral lessons wedged in there to.

The only sense of anything epic we got was from the end: it’s not like we didn’t know it already, but apparently “your song is ending.” Maybe there’s some hope yet, and Davies will bring together all his different story elements for the big grand finale…again. Not like he didn’t already do that last year, is it…sigh.

Coming soon: “The Waters of Mars.”